Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rockin' Rhonda

RedRhonda bought Clementine a birthday present... and it's pink. Just look at this bit o' cuteness. I had to bring it home for a photo-op, as I'd left the camera home for knit-night tonight.

Melly brought in a tarty lemon cake, which made me giggle because her "tartness tolerance" is, shall we say, not high. I loved it, and ate two pieces, whilst listening to both Red's and Melly's iPods... 'cuz you know I don't have the techno-gadgetry down. I'm being allowed to 'borrow' Herr Bechers nano tomorrow, and will have to hope he takes pity on me and picks one up while he's out and about. I will be at the shop, playing with my Clementine's new toy. Thanks Red. You think of everything!

p.s. I was going to show you the lemon cake too, to avoid any sort of rivalry among factions of Clem's posse, but it appears to have been eaten. I'm pretty sure there's a Herr behind this... he does have a thing for lemon curd. Now what am I going to have with my coffee later?
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gaylen said...

Oh no! What are you going to have for breakfast? And I hope the Mister takes pitty on you and gets you your own iPod. then everyone can rock out while knitting. g

Sandi said...

Hi, Had a wonderful time yesterday at your shop!

I may have to really start knitting! You inspired me!

Aliya said...

You inspire lots of people. love you sis.