Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It doesn't get any better

One-handed blogging tonight, with a toddler on my lap. Eli and Joe are sick, Herr Becher is in bed, exhausted from another day of bleeding money, and no laundry is being done. It seems that although my man can trick the washer into running with a wire-splicer and a clothes-pin, the gas dryer is another matter entirely. Sears is bringing out a spanking new Bosch set on Thursday. Hopefully we won't have suffocated under the mountains of clothes and towels by then. How convenient it didn't happen until after I switched Eli back into cloth diapers. Perfect timing doesn't come any better.

I noticed Miss Melly put up a shop button for me. The first time I clicked on it, it took me to 'ask dot com' and the "sponsored links" were a listing of gay porn sites. I'd say she planned it that way, but she's waaay too tired to be that devious, and I get dumped over to that 'ask' page a lot lately. Guess I should run the virus software and spy sweeper, huh?

Gotta get my puny Eli into his bed before he falls face-first onto the keyboard. Have a wonderful night, all y'all knittas.

p.s. I think I did bust my little pig toe this evening, getting back into Bigrrrl after the 'Big Appliance Purchase of 2008'. It has turned a weird shade of blurple, and has developed it's own throbbing heartbeat. Standing and walking are a real treat, but then again, what are opiates for, if not this? I hope I can count this as my "three"... the flat tire, the dryer, and the toe. Please let that be all.


melly~ said...

I'll see you in four hours, fifty-eight, fifty-seven minutes.

I'll even rub your pig toe. :)
Thanks for the early smiles.


Thimbleanna said...

Hey. No Fair. It's not Thursday and Melly gets to see you. I'm pouting in the corner.

But while I'm there, I'm screaming WooHoo! New washer and dryer -- you'll be stylin'. Do they match the Aga??? Wanna trade? I'll trade buying washer and dryer for fixing leak in basement. Deal??? ;-)

Annalea said...

Oh man . . . what a trio. I've got my own owies this morning, courtesy of missing the last step coming downstairs in the night on my way to putting puke-christened bedding in the wash. My three: puking kids, sprained ankle, seriously whacked knee. At least the washer & dryer still work, and the vomitous bedding is clean.

Too bad we can't get together and have a knitting pity party. You and Melly have fun now, y'hear? ;o)