Thursday, August 14, 2008

Miss Vickie's and other supernatural phenomena

Yesterday was one of those whirlwind days that left me gasping for breath and wondering where all my time went. It began with needing to be in town two hours earlier than usual, for a meeting with a yarn rep. Several swigs of decaf later, both Rob and Mandi showed up, presumably to keep me from over-dosing on yarn, but mostly to fondle and grope for themselves all the pretty wares the yarn-pusher was displaying. Once the damages were totaled, Monday Mandi had to go to her real job, and I dragged Robin off to the salon with me.

Victoria's salon is the kind of place you hope to find just once in your life. It's welcoming and clean, everybody speaks English, though sometimes I suspect they slur a bit towards the end of the day, and everyone in there, from Vickie and the Others Who Prettify You, to the clientele, are uproariously funny. It's a "Steel Magnolias" kind of place, where you can be yourself, where laughter and tears are equally welcome depending on the need, and leopard print toenails are the Rx for just about anything ailing you. There's wine in chilling in the fridge, Chinese take-out across the parking lot, and, on this day, someone's thong panties on the middle of the floor. Yep. Just popped outta nowhere, whilst towels were being shuttled about. Lavender in color, smallish in size, and appearing so suddenly that we all just sat there slack-jawed. Then the hooting and giggling began. Everyone was checked for pantylines, and then the speculation started, but no reasonable explanation was reached. It's being blamed on a much older 'former tenant', because he likes to play pranks on the ladies, and really, what are "resident ghosts" for but to entertain and delight us, as well as provide alibis when needed?

Nails were groomed and polished, the day went on. Surprise visits from both Melly and Phyl rounded out the day, and then The Cake and I went home. Today was nothing fun to report, except that you should probably know that I went ahead and ordered perfectly gorgeous, handmade in Vermont(100% lead-free), pewter buttons for the Taos sweater class/knit-along. They are on their way, and all will be revealed to you, gentle reader, in good time.
Now I have to go stare at the kitchen for a bit, perhaps with a mug of decaf in hand. You go be crafty, then come back here tomorrow. *smooches*, pooches. C


Robin said...

Which buttons did you order - pig, acorn, frog? So many to choose from... I'm sure I'll like any.

Thimbleanna said...

Have we discussed this Taos sweater? Will it match your new thong? Please enlighten those of us in the fog. And ooohhh I wanna see buttons when they arrive!

gaylen said...

Okay - can I just say - I suck! I finally tried on my mockery socks last night, and I can barely get the little sucker over my heel. It's fine once I get it there - but man! So, now I get to rip both of them! You would think I would learn, but no. Apparently I am truly insane because I keep doing the same thing over and over again and yet I expect different results!!! UGH.