Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good-bye, lover

Okay, my diversionary tactics for dealing with the never-ending Clap (it could be finished this week, if the stash would just. shut. up.) are over. I love this colorway, I love the texture of the knitted-up piece. I don't love the curling edges, which I was trying to avoid, and kept telling myself I could "block it out" later. Huh-uh. But, before this little bit of knitting goes for a dip in the frog pond, I thought you'd like to see it.

Below is the 'rear view'. I was fascinated by the 'spines' and how well the slipped-stitches worked to disguise the typical ugliness of back-and-forth knitted edges. Now that I have an accurate gauge swatch, I might re-knit this yarn in a simple basket-weave (and did you know I've proclaimed this National Hyphen Day?) pattern and have a non-curling scarf to wear this winter. Say good-bye to the 'Torrid Affair' scarf...

Yesterday morning found the Jeep with a totally flat right rear tire, so I took Bigrrrl into work whilst Herr Becher sweated himself into another shower after putting on the (full-size, praise those Jeep engineers!) spare. He's not sure he got the lug nuts tightened enough, but the kids and I made it home okay yesterday. Today will be another day of driving slow, and Monday four new tires will be put on. Eight-hundred and seventy bucks. Ugh. That could have bought quite a nice chunk of yarn, or fabric, or a spanking new spinning wheel... oh, wait. I guess it's buying four 'spinning wheels'. *snark*
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robin said...

Well I guess I'll tear up that pattern that I copied. I was thinking of frogging mine and doing something different - I have much more orange in my Sheep Shop yarn so it's different than the previous skeins I worked on.
Isn't car maintenance a much money and nothing fun to show for it. But safe is best.
always, robin

Aliya said...

Isn't life grand. I love all the knitting your doing. Maybe, I should learn. But who would teach me?

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

it's beautiful! I love the colorways, too.

Thimbleanna said...

Yeah, but those spinning wheels will make your yarn dirty. I love your scarf and don't know why you don't love it -- you perfectionist you.