Friday, August 1, 2008


The knitting content around here has been more than a bit low, but work continues on both the Clap-wrap and the Mockery socks. I'm trying to be faithful to these two projects, but as I sit here typing, the gift yarn from Miss Rob has been throwing itself at me. For the first few weeks it was content to be coy, letting a tendril of it's painted beauty fall helplessly off the ball. Then it began to roll into the keyboard at opportune moments. Finally, tonight, it threw itself into my lap. I pushed it away, telling it we'd play later, that the Clap is on it's last ball, and the heel flap has arrived on the second Mockery. I tried to look away as it's colors began to swirl around. It was making me dizzy, forcing me to reach out to steady myself, and when I did, there it was, caught fast in my grip. The next thing I knew we were rummaging through the needles for a size 11, and then we sat and swatched.

The Sheep Shop yarn, though pushy and obstinate, is a joy to knit with. After playing around with the stitches, a pattern was decided upon. It is knitting up into the simplest of scarves, a break from both the weight of the Clap, and the eye-strain of night knitting sock yarn. Here then is the basic recipe for some quick and dirty yarn play... you know you want to. Grab thee up some chubby needles and cast on!

"Torrid Affair" scarf:
Cast on 23 sts.
On wrong side (first row), Slip first stitch purl-wise, P next st, *K1, P5* across to last three sts, K1, P2
Row 2: slip first stitch purl-wise, K1, *P1, K5* across to last three sts, P1, K2. (See, you're just knitting your knits, and purling your purls... don't you feel better already?)

Keep these two rows up until you take the edge off, run out of yarn, or suddenly find yourself with a very fine scarf in your lap. You won't be disappointed, I promise.


Thimbleanna said...

Oh no my dear, I can't start a scarf yet. I'm just starting my mockeries -- which btw, if you'd been doing YOUR mockeries in the fabulouse 2-on-one method YOU taught me, you wouldn't be on a second sock. Call Melly -- this might mean I'll get to tell you I told you so in the future LOL!

Annalea said...

Oh, I do love Sheep Shop yarn. I managed to buy three skeins before we left Bellingham. It's in my Rav stash, if you want to take a peek. The Sheep Two sportweight wool/silk skeins are simply gorgeous, and destined for a scarf for moi. The third is some Sheep Three bulky weight in a lovely bright orange for my 4yo son, who is mad about intense oranges and reds. But I digress . . .

So, do you think you could ever show us your Torrid Affair scarf? (Or is it in your Rav notebook already?)

Robin said...

OK, I give why the name? (I'm her strait-{wo}man). No, this is not about sexual preference.

gaylen said...

Oh Rob - don't you get it? She gave into the siren's call your sexy gift yarn and cheated on not one, but two projects.

Annalea - of course it's not in her Rav projects. I think I spit coffee on the keyboard when I read that - have you looked at her Rav projects lately.

Okay - Want to see the yarn. I really expected some fancy scmancy stitch pattern and am quite shocked by the ribbing. I'm sure it's beautiful. g

Stephanie said... are just evil. I am trying so hard to just stick to my 2 projects. Evil, evil temptress.