Friday, August 29, 2008

Hanging over my head

These blocks are months old. I've run out of excuses to explain why they are just sitting in a pile in the bedroom closet. With things so quiet, I guess I should haul them in with me to the shop and get a bit of assembly done. Perhaps that will have the same effect as having a pizza delivered... once it shows up, so do scads of customers. I think I'd like that... can't hurt to give it a go.
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gaylen said...

Love those Chocolate Lollipop fabrics! That is going to be a fabulous quilt! I hope it works pizza magic :) g

Annalea said...

Go ahead. What could it hurt? It's all about changing the energy of the shop. Spice it up, and folks will appear, I say. ;o)

Okay, off to herd the munchkins on a few clean-up jobs. Wish me luck . . . if you don't hear back from me in 24 hours, file a missing persons report, k? 32 year-old female, last seen disappearing into mountains of laundry and cardboard boxes.