Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's that sound?

Whomp. Whump. Whap.

Oh, hello, dollies. I didn't see you there. What's that noise, you ask? *thump* Oh, it's just this silly head of mine. You see, I had to wait around all day for a bit of quiet time *thwhack* to compose my newsletter. It seems I'm quite the little *bam* procrastinator, and September is right around the corner *smack* and with a business still so new and fragile, it has been suggested *bonk* that the online sensation of an e-newsletter would excite Clementine's patrons to no bad end.
I sat and typed and *whomp* composed my little heart out and sent it off for a critique *plonk* and now all that I can do for the rest of the *whap* night is sit here and pound my head *thud* into my desk.

What really needs doing is the obvious re-write of the text. In my defense, I am wrung out and punch-drunk *thwack*, and I think all I really need is a lie-down. Tomorrow I can agonize over photos and grammatical errors. *whump* Yes, that will be lovely. I'm going to ask Miss Melly to take some pretty close-ups of the whiz-bangs and gew-gaws to use with the text of the newsletter *whap*, but could somebody please remind me why I chose this particular path to insanity?


gaylen said...

Did you delete the typing instead of sending it? Or do you just not have the words? I saw that you called, but my phone was upstairs and I was down in the 'studio.' I thought 11 might be a little to late to return a call.

give me a call in the morning (for me - I'm always available between 7-8 and again around 9. g

Thimbleanna said...

Ouch! I have a headache just thinking of how many times you hit your head. I certainly hope I make the list LOL.

Annalea said...

Cami, I'm always happy to write the thing for you, if you'd like. Just send me off a rough draft, and I'll straighten and polish it and have it back to you lickety-split. (Well, within a day or two. I have to remind myself that I have five children, too. lol You just can't keep a good English-majorette down . . . )

Rest that had of yours, and take it easy girl.