Friday, January 11, 2008

And another thing...

This was going to be a post full of hopeful things, but I'm in the midst of a paperwork mountain, and tomorrow morning is when Deb wants all the mountain handed to her, in a molehill of a file box (which is nowhere near big enough, I'd like to add), so she can begin the gargantuan task of sorting out all that is Clementine's from all that is Camilla's. Also, there is the matter of sales tax what wants paid, so I don't end up in prison for my alter-ego's fiasco entrepreneurial escapade.

This morning I met with one of those fabric pushers; I bought a little, including a couple of specimens of the vinyl-coated fabric for tote bags, picnic blankets, splat-mats, bibs, etc. I love the stuff, but it's hard to find pretty prints. As it is "experimental" (I was told the coated fabrics don't sell well. I find this hard to quantify, as I've personally never seen it for sale locally, so HOW do "they" know?), I only bought two types. A basic, celery-green with nickle-sized white polka-dots (did I just set a record for hyphens in a sentence?) and a large rose print on a blue background, ala Cath Kidston, but being ripped off on this side of the pond by someone working as "Urban Chicks". It's a good knock-off, though. Cath should be pleased, if she takes that whole "imitation=flattery" equation to heart. Conversely, how do you copyright a style?

I also bought sheeting. For those of you not savvy to this little wonder of the textile world, sheeting is the upgrade from basic quilting cotton. It has a sateen-type finish, like good sheets, and is available in the wider width of 54", so it can be used to make bedding for children. I bought some aqua/brown polka-dotted, and some with pink polka-dots and cupcakes, and a multi-colored dot. Yeah, it was dot day. I got a couple of fabric collections, too, but I'll just surprise you with them once they arrive. The nature of this particular fabric company is their tendency to be quick on the draw. You don't have a chance at getting entire collections if you hesitate, and I'm keeping mum on what I've ordered, just till I know they stop production. Just being cautious. I don't want to have the same stuff on my shelves as the bigger quilting shops. You'll see when it gets here.

Alright. I'm going to push papers around for a bit, then try to cast on a baby sweater, while drinking decaf. To answer a few of you, no I still can't get photos to publish from home; the fabric shots were courtesy the shop 'puter, and as much as I'd love to share my "little helper", you'd be much happier with your own supply. Take a mental health test; they are surprisingly easy, fun, and most usually result in a steady stream of potentially habit-forming drugs pharmaceuticals, suitable to de-stressing the bigger potholes bumps of daily life. Ciao for now, my poodles. Cami


Annalea said...

Sheeting, huh? That'll take some looking in to . . . and I can't wait to see the mystery fabrics.

Btw, have you tried blogging through Picasa? I would recommend it. It might get around your no-photo problem. ;o)

Have a great weekend!

Dragonfly said...

I love and hate (but mostly love) that you are blogging regularly. I need to do that more. The only bad thing is that when I go to catch up, I'm days behind!