Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spring is in the air

This was supposed to be a photo of LeAnn in her crazy, big, ready-to-full hat, but pirating Robin's camera didn't work out so good, something about the photo being the wrong format. I have it in my e-mail, though. Perhaps That Crocker Woman can figure something out. I can't think, which isn't surprising, except the pumpkin seed extract has my brain buzzing and I've been floaty and spacey all day. You go make something nice, or just relax. I have to go home now. Enjoy the pretty fabrics till I get back. C


Kyrin said...

prety pretty fabric.

Pumpkin seed extract? I've heard of pumpkin seed oil...but not the extract.

gaylen said...

OMG those fabrics are To Die For! Are they from the new AB line? Unfortunately, I'm now on a strick budgettary diet as we just had to purchase a furnace and we're still paying for an short stay at the hospital! UGH. g