Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesdays is fer runnin'

Stopped and bought two bags of decaf "breakfast blend" and a decaf mocha latte at Starbucks, got five bucks off my tab because the previous person tried to tip them, and as Target employees, they couldn't accept, so they told me to consider it as "paying it forward", and I was the lucky recipient. Coffee-dude gave me muy mucho whipped cream... as in, the lid had to be served "on the side", and then I was off to the nail salon, where I was the first customer of the day, in all that peaceful tranquility. Next week I'm doing the pedi, too, but this day I had to dash off to my haircutting extravaganza. I'd have gotten to feel totally sexy all day too, except the sopping wet downpour sorta put the kibosh on the new hair. I got to feel crunchy all day, instead. In a good, well coiffed helmet sort of way.

After hair was waxing the eyebrows into submission, and that's about when Darling called from the other side of the door, inside the salon. I had no idea, until I said I'd be out in a minute, and he replied "what? I can't come in?" Freakishly bratty man, he is. Then, in our separate vehicles, we headed off to the herbalist, because I'm having success with it, and therefore I feel I must force it on my spouse and children. "Boris" is weirded out and Maddie hates the taste of her tincture, but otherwise it all went well. They all got to head home and I went grocery-hunting, which is not nearly as much fun after you've finished reading about slaughterhouses, and the way pigs digest their food, and how much actual garbage remains in processed foods. Mostly I circled the perimeter of the grocery, and bought things like brown rice, a wee amount of chicken, lots of veg and fruit, and a bottle of Merlot, for my dearest, so he won't notice he's starving to death...*hic*.

Now I'm in here for knit-night and no one has shown up, most likely due to the torrential downpour we're experiencing. I think I'll call it a night, post this, and go home. Only a nutjob such as myself would be out on a night like this. I need warm jammies and a movie, y'all, just as soon as I wash the helmet off my head.


Annalea said...

It sounds like you've had a good day, well, except for the rain, of course. ;o)

I'm so glad to hear that you've discovered "the herbalist", as you call him/her. Or is it a store? Anyway, you're doing the kinds of things that I've been doing for a while, and they really work. My latest discovery is Dr. Shultze's Super Food . . . and it's better than anything else I've ever tried, bar none. (And I've tried just about everything! Just ask my pocket book . . . ;o)

There are tons of great resources for healthy recipes on the web, if you take Google for a spin. We love ethinic dishes, mostly Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Mexican.

Oh, and if your DH is starving for protein, feed him good quality Spirulina and nutritional yeast, available at the health food store. (You can get Spirulina in a capsule, or mix it powdered with the yeast in good juice) Or, just get the SuperFood Plus. It's got both, and it's amazing how good I feel when I get to drink some. (Not to mention it's WAY cheaper than most everything else I've tried!)

Okay, I'll quit now. Just one last thing: Hooray for real nutrition! Feeding your body it needs is the only way to really heal.

Stephanie said...

You go girl! It sounds like a great day (except perhaps the helmet hair)

I am waiting to treat myself in a few weeks to a pedi with a friend. I have a spa gift card and am going to split it with her so we can do a girls day.

I want your whore nails as well. I haven't had any in years. They are fun once you rfigure out how to zip up your pants with them on!

I hope you got your warm jammies on and watched a good flick.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the herbal route. I have hypothyroid that is treated with a prescription supplement that I will no doubt be on the rest of my life.