Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Strawberry lip balm

That is what the two-year-old decided to glam himself up in this evening, while life at Becher Haus carried on around him. He's now been showered, scrubbed with the decidedly delicious "Spa Wisdom" salt scrub and exfoliating wash, and is now passing out on my lap... I am, in fact, blogging single-handedly.
Today marked the second day in a row someone has come in and offered to work at the shop. If only I could afford to hire someone, then ol' Clementine would really be in business. This weekend marks the beginning of the "skill builder" series; a collection of classes that open the door to patchworking perfection. I've even had one phone call about it. My 'happy chaos' class is still finishing up, so I'm going in to be cloned tomorrow morning. Er, wait... that's just for more Xanax. Properly dispensed, this may be just as good a solution. Ooh, what a "Pollyanna" I am today. (I smell marvelous, though. That Body Shop Africa Spa salt scrub rules.)
I have to go now. For some reason I've been having killer dizzy-spells the past few days, and another one just got going. Perhaps I'm boring myself to death with this 'blogging 366' thing I was so hot and bothered to do. If the biggest news of my day is that Eli globbed lip gloss all over himself, can this blog be going anywhere but down hill? p.s. the pink squirrel rode around on my head all day... I was terribly cute. Lotta's swag is super-fun. She even sent me a cutesy big button ring, but since I have Miss Piggy fingers (though with cleverly painted whorey nails), I gave it to my twelve-year-old. It's suitably punk for her. Gotta go, as it's getting late.
p.p.s. My man has taken up knitting, and he's freaking great at it. He could not stand watching me watch the Lucy Neatby DVDs (love them) and he had to get involved. I just outed him on my blog... tee-hee.


knitter in the desert said...

Yeah my post today wasn't all that exciting either but I did finish my socks!

Very amused on Boris now knitting....

Annalea said...

Don't give up on blogging every day, Cami. Here's a thought my grandmother made me memorize when I was six and wanting to quit piano lessons:

"That which you persist in doing becomes easier; not because the nature of the thing has changed, but because you ability to do has increased."

(Can't remember who said it, though.)

And if you wonder about the verity of that statement, do you remember Cadence?

Don't quit just yet. My day just wouldn't be the same!

Dragonfly said...

Loving that Boris is knitting!

Didn't blog it, but I started the second sock today (it was blog or knit and if I didn't knit, i didn't have much to blog...)

and I love your daily blogging, it completes my day to come see!

LotusKnits said...

You know you're moving up when folks come asking for a job! Sweet!

Congrats on converting the hubby to the dark side. Give him to good cookies.

And slap some eyeliner on the little one and let him be punk rock baby.

gaylen said...

I emailed you last weekend. Here's the link for the pattern - it's a freebe from Beki at Arsty-crafty babe.

I'll have to find the link for the needle roll again. g

gaylen said...

Okay - now that I've actually read your post and I'm not responding via your comments to my comments.

Keep up the daily blogging. It's better with pictures, but I understand you have issues - oh wait - that's another post!

I've been blogging daily and I'm enjoying it. Plus even is the highlight of your day is that the youngest one favores strawberry lip balm, what a great history that you are creating, makes it easier to remember when you're old. g

Stephanie said...

I am so so so glad my hubby doesn't knit. I know him. He would steal my stash big time. know that would mean I would have to kill him. So it's best left with him playing WOW and me knitting in the other room :)

Thimbleanna said...

That hubby of yours is awesome! He knits, he blogs, he takes care of children -- what else is there??? And why didn't you say you were a Body Shop fan? SweetiePie is the manager of our Body Shop here -- I can hook you up!!! ;-) I really wanna see a pic of that squirrel on your head!