Thursday, January 10, 2008

Isn't it a p.i.t.a.?

Not one, but two of my "worst ever chores" (okay, I'm being dramatic again... just go with it, k?) had to be done this morning on my way into the shop. The Jeep was empty, and at the low, low price of three bucks a gallon, I had to feed it. Just to get to icky chore number two, (dun, dun, dunnn...) the post office. As a long time germaphobe, the post office makes me gag, get the willies, and want to go through a haz-mat scrubbing every time I walk through their door. Ack. (Note to MIL: expect the Monkey socks Saturday. To everyone else: where are your monkeys?)

Today I'll be spooling out some Dream in Color for those wee, teensy kits, but I have the new colors ordered (how much do you love "flamingo pie" and "butter peeps"? I know. Me, too.), and the patterns for the little wrap sweater and the women's 'Tulip' cardi, and I think I'm finally ready to commit to knitting sweaters again. Socks are wonders of architecture, but those DVDs of Lucy Neatby working her mad skilz have me twitterpated about bigger projects. Not that I'm not going to tackle that Cat Bordi sock pattern book with the wonky, wild, crazed-weasel design ideas, 'cuz I totally will. This is about sequencing, and the current mode has to be sweaters. We have two months of winter left, and all that chilly, wet spring to get through. Kids need cardigans; it isn't legal to prop them up on the sofa with a glass of Dubonnet if they get chilled. More's the pity. Think how much we could all get done if the children were so subdued. Yep, there's my mother-of-the-year trophy over on yonder wall...

Perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to get my bum over to an electronics store for a small camera, so the blog won't have to keep recycling fabric photos. There will be much to see around here in a very short time. Now I have to get busy with yarn... I know. How cool is that? Latah, knittas.

(here we have Blank Quilting's "Yoshiko" fabrics... they all have gold highlights and are much more stunning in person... trust me.)


Thimbleanna said...

You're hysterical! I'll be there soon, and I think I'll take a bunch of pictures just so you can have a library of pictures to pull from! And when I get there, I want you to remember all the fabric/yarn stuff you're talking about on this post that I have no idea what you're talking about so that you can explain it all to me. Make sense??? Good! And, might I add, you should write a mothering book. They might come for you, but you should write it anyway -- too bad my boys are grown and it's too late for me!!!

Annalea said...

Whoah there, girl. Is that, wait . . . no, it can't be! . . . an actual, live, in-color, PHOTO???????

(Hold on a sec while I catch my breath. ;o)

And I'm still wondering what you'll end up with for a camera. Is your broken one being fixed, or are you just going a replacement? One of my favorite homeschooling tools is a Kodak EasyShare I no longer use, now that DH bought the Canon Elph. It's surprising what my oldest (now 8), chooses to capture on "film".

Gotta go . . . the house is a shambles (I've been under the weather for two days), and we've got a showing in the morning! Ack!

gaylen said...

You are killing me with all the pretties. As well as your wicked sense of humor! You mean "they" frown on propping the kids up with a 'laced' bottle. Good thing I didn't know about that when mine were tiny!

Happy, Happy, Friday! g

gaylen said...

Oh Cami - you know my Hawaii Monkey's the ones that went to Maui and had a party on the beach? The ones I knit 3 times with the yarn you sent me? Well I've slightly felted them in the wash and now I'm going to have to give them to my friend D! Darn it. g