Monday, January 28, 2008

Pajama, interrupted

As most of you know, Mondays are 'pajama day' at Becher Haus. Today was a little bit different, and decidedly more productive. I'd recieved a phone call from a woman last week, asking if I'd be willing to let her and a pal come shop on Monday, the day I'm not in the shop at all. They had scheduling difficulties, one was leaving the country for three months, and they were just dying to see the Westminster fabrics they'd heard about. I agreed, mostly for the curiosity of seeing who was hunting down Kaffe and Amy, and to find out how they'd heard about Clementine's. I could not have imagined what my morning would be like.

I arrived at the shop a little ahead of schedule, so I slipped over to Benjamin's for a decaf and the most food-p0rnographicly delicious cheese danish cinnamon bun (you have no idea), then I trotted back to the shop, where the ladies arrived just moments later. I cut fabric for them and chatted with them for about two hours, and they both scored two free yards of fabric on their fabric cards. When the dust settled and they were tucked away in their car, the sales total nearly knocked me over... $467.34. Two shoppers. Two hours. On pajama day. I may never stay in my pajamas again.

Got a new, cheapie little digital camera today, so expect pics on tomorrow's post. I got goodies in the mail today, there should be more, perhaps tomorrow (Sockpixie yarn, in 'candy corn'), and these caramels should arrive Wednesday. Saw them on Jan's blog and haven't stopped drooling since. So, I've had a really full day, and it feels like a Tuesday, 'cuz I got dressed and put on mascara and all, so I'm going to go sit and knit awhile, while the new camera battery charges. Thimbleanna, I finally remembered the rodent lagomorph (I got that outta the dictionary. I was going to use lapin, but lagomorph just sounded more mysterious.) pattern. Oldest daughter has been appropriating knitting books/magazines and re-routing them to her lair, and it took awhile to scrounge it up. It's in my "pile o'stuff" for tomorrow's trip into town (where the scanner lives.)
Melly made up fliers and sent it directly to Kinko's, so tomorrow I'll be distributing them wildly. I do adore That Crocker Woman, and I take back everything I said about her being off her game when she's medicated... she still works just fine, y'all. Gotta go for now. Photo-heavy post tomorrow night. Be here or be knitting. Latah. C


Dragonfly said...

You are having some awesome luck lately! So how did they hear about you? I'm very happy for you!

Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo!!! PICTURES Tomorrow! And what a Monday -- good for you that you weren't some insensitive owner who doesn't give a rip about her customers. But we already knew that about you, didn't we??? 2008's gonna be Clementine's year -- I can tell!!!

gaylen said...

How exciting! I've been having the blahs today. I have been wanting to go shopping at a local fabric store to pick up a copy of the Nappy Bag and some new AB fabrics - I'm thinking that Nappy bag pattern might make a great bag to haul knitting around with a few pocket variations.

Plus, I can't wait to see pictures. g

Anonymous said...

Yeah for a PJ day without the PJ's! Yeah for Clemintine's! Hope to see you Wednesday for a short bit with my little bit in tow. Must have knit instruction on sock before my new Lotus Yarn arrives. I'm squealing in anticipation!

Robin said...

For those that don't click on your hyper-links...ya don't know what your missing - What "goodies" did the Divine Ms C get....was it the whole bundle? That along with the "squirrel" barrett- me thinks ye brouse the net too much.