Thursday, January 17, 2008

I bought a squirrel

Just the other day I was catching up on some of my blog reading and spotted some stuff on Lotta's blog that I wanted. Real.Bad. The problem was I was already Xanaxed and ready for bed, it was after midnight, and "reason" (the tiny, oft-ignored part of my brain) reared up at the last minute to spoil my fun by pointing out how spending twenty-some odd dollars for three decorated bobby pins was probably not the swellest plan I'd had, and shouldn't I just go to bed?

I did eventually pass out, but visions of darling little squirrels ran up and down trees in my woozy brain. The hold up was I wanted the red squirrel and the pink squirrel, but not the wheelbarrow, which is the hairpin being sold with the pink squirrel. Little red squirrel was all on his own. If only I could have her put the happy little squirrels together, then I'd buy them.

Fast forward to the following evening (last night). I click on over to Lotta's blog, get into her Etsy shop, and the red squirrel is gone. Ffffft. Outta there. In a panic I clicked on pink squirrel, and who cares if I'm stuck bribing one of the girls to wear a strange wheelbarrow hairpin... I will have a pink squirrel stuck in my hair and I'm absolutely tickled. He'll be here any day... maybe even tomorrow. And for those of you counting, I did mean to use the word squirrel(s) ten times in this post. Gotta go now. The floor wants vacuuming and there might be a blogger dropping by sometime in my near future... stay tuned. C


Annalea said...

Cami, you're such a crack up. :o) I love seeing people happy about simple little things.

Isn't it funny what ends up making us silly happy like that?

Can't wait to see the little squirrel happily nested in your hair!

robin said...

did you see her knitted and dissected frog - what a hoot... only you could find a site and love a squirrel - I bet Boris will "love" that little jewel...
Rock on sista - what ever makes you happy... Rob

Lotta said...

I love that you love the squirrels. But you are silly - I would have totally switched out those bobby pins for you. Just email me if that ever happens again!