Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Sad Reflection on 20 Years

Okay, so maybe I'm being overly dramatic, but the sad realization and truth is that the only thing that makes my butt look small is my gut. Lurker Traci... it's going to take more than high doses of tranquilizers to get my fat ass to the twenty-year reunion of the class from hell. What say we just go as far as Lake Geneva and spa it for a few days instead? We could get massages from well-muscled blonde boys named Sven and Hans, eat prissy, tiny food off huge, near-empty plates, then decide to sneak out to the bars (after all the kids were in bed, of course) and eat our combined weights in fried cheese curds and onion rings and wash it down with anything but 'table wine'. You in?

How did this happen? This middle-agedness. The ol' broad in the bathroom mirror freaks me out a little. I guess it helps that I'm now a brunette... I can refuse to recognize myself. Seriously, though... can you think of one good reason we should go to that reunion? Call me. And my chopstick diet isn't going well (as you may have surmised) because, in true slacker fashion, I made the lazy discovery of a lifetime. You just have to stab your food. I'm off to the shop now, in hopes of actually getting some sewing done, as Sundays are so slow. Type at you later. C


gaylen said...

Oh Honey - I hear ya on the middle aged woman looking back in the mirror. And in my case that woman looks exactly like my mother! Anyone who knows my mother knows that ain't funny!

Here's my take on reunions - you most likely kept in touch with the people from high school who were important to you and really who gives a tiddlywink what the rest of those people think? So, call your friends that you keep in touch with - get together have a good time and let the rest of it go!! g

Robin said...

I agree with G on this one - I've never done a reunion. I can identify with you on the body though... menopause and lack of activity have added 25 lbs on this body in a year! Ahhhhh. Not fair! Not so with my mom though - the most she ever weighed was 115. A spa vacation would be so loved this winter (oh hell, Anytime)
You do have five little-persons that add to the anxiety which means to you (and me) putting more food in our mouths. Maybe we should keep some of the bad food out of the shop...or not - what do I know. See you soon ~~~~ Rob

Annalea said...

Hang in there, Cami. Sometimes you just get to a point where suddenly, it's worth it to go through what it takes to get yourself feeling good again about how you look. (I'm personally waiting until the pregnant/between pregnancies/pregnant again yo-yo game is over . . . but the end may be in sight!)

One thing I do know, though . . . if I don't eat flour (especially white flour!), I don't gain. (Let's not talk about weekend before this one, where I ate too much Papa Murphy's double-stuffed pizza and gained 4 lbs overnight! Yuk.)

Hang in there, and just keep thinking of yourself as you were back when--before all of the babies and stresses and hormonal changes. Positive thinking really DOES make a difference, dear. {grin}

Oh, and walking helps a heap, too. ;o)

Stephanie said...

Fried sheese curds? Onion rings? Oh...I am SO THERE with you guys. I went to my 10 year reunion and HATED it. It was high school all over again...but in a bar. I guess it didn't help that I had a sinus infection and felt like my head was in a vice the whole time. I was still smoking then as well...and was chain smoking to deal with the stress. chain smoking + head in a vice = feeling like you are going to puke on the cheerleaders.

2 more years 'til my 20th. I ain't goin. You can't make me. Nu-uh.
LA LA LA LA LA LA. I can't hear you!

I know....I'm the model of maturity :)