Friday, January 25, 2008

into the fire

The shop today was all about knitting, or kah-nittin', as Marilyn calls it. If it hadn't been for Harriet and Robin, I'd have been sunk. When the UPS man dropped a box of fabric off, they had it all stripped of it's plastic, primped and stood on a shelf neatly waiting to be noticed. Thanks you guys. I'm sorry Rob didn't get further on her socks sock that she started today (yay, Rob's coming over to the dark side!!!)... I only mention it because we (Harriet and me) had her going two-at-a-time, toe-up, but she wanked out and pulled sock #2 off the needles. I'm only letting this go 'cuz she steps up and saves my rear pretty often these days, and I like that she comes in to the shop to make sure I'm still alive. She also knows how to "make register go", and now Harriet has fallen into that trap as well... I can put off having to be cloned now. Whew. I was sorta worried how 'Boris' would afford having all those other "me"s around. (Yes, I realize that's not actually a word; that's what the quote-y ma jigs are for.)

The word on the street is the kits for the "modern quilt wrap" will be available this coming week, though if you're waiting to see a finished one, redRhonda (aka the stuntknitter) hasn't had a chance at the "kidsilk-crack" yet. If you haven't reserved yours, call or e-mail me and I'll mail it out to you. If you or you are worried, I already have you down for it. If you are you , you need to call me once you're feeling better. I need flyers in the worst way imaginable and you're the only one who can talk me through it do it for me. See, I believe honesty is the best policy, so if you're out of the bathroom now, I need your mad skilz. And, btw, your Valentine's rock, Miss Melly. I'm so glad you finally posted again... I was so gonna rag on you about that cake, makin' me all hungry and whatnot.

Okay, I have to get outta here and go be a mom/wife/laundress/knitting blob on the sofa/eater of chocolate/watcher of movies. And there's only three hours till bedtime. Today was so crazy-busy, and tomorrow the skill-builder workshops begin. Out of the frying pan... see you back here tomorrow. C


Dragonfly said...

"me" is very happy to hear about the kit!

Thinking of everyone, you know you have the most magnificent people surrounding you!

have to go knit round and round on my second sock

knitter in the desert said...

'me' as well!

gaylen said...

Honey - I don't care what you send me. You KNOW that I didn't offer to make any of that stuff for payment, but rather to help you have alternatives to quilts in the shop thereby helping you sell, sell, sell. So, send me whatever your heart desires - I will love it! A packet of fabric, some pretty sock yarn, anything - keep in mind if you want it to be for me - I'm a frilly, girly-girl at heart :) Love Ya - so glad to hear that business is picking up and you might not have to start selling the young ones. g

Thimbleanna said...

Hmmm. Apparently I need to speak to Ms. Robin before I attempt that sock thang. You know, to get the opinion of the other side and all LOL. And How in the Hellski do you have time to sit/knit and watch tv? (Did ya think I was going to say sit/knit and roll????)

Robin said...