Monday, January 14, 2008


I was up early this morning, eager to continue knitting on the wee tiny "Rocketry" sweater for the shop. I ground the beans and brewed the joe, I curled up on the loveseat, and settled in to work for awhile in the quiet darkness of the new day. This set up was, unfortunately, not the most conducive to seeing my stitches (yeah, where my stitches at?), so I reached over to snap on the table lamp. Ping. Out went the light bulb. After realizing once again my brain's kinetic abilities to throw switches and retrieve small objects are nil, I hauled my fat little self up and turned on the overheads, but dimmed, nice and soft. Ahhh. Better. Up to grab a mug of coffee and as soon as I sit down again, blink, out goes the power to the whole living room. Power surges. The upside to this whole scenario was I made myself a comfortable bunker in the big 'chair and a half' instead, with the heating pad, and there's way better light on that side of the house. I've knitted off and on all day, and am knitting the button band now (yay, me) and I didn't even skip the goofy 'braid" trim... I've done it all by the book pattern. Exactly as it's written, and only correcting the obvious flaws typos and I'm eager to have it all finished. Tuesdays is fer runnin', ya know. I have to make this evening count.

By the way, as an actual sash-wearing, crown-capped "Mother-of-the-Year" sovereign in the twelfth year of her reign, you might be curious what my children did all day while I knitted. As the power to the Wii was out until daddy got home to wrestle the hand-sized spiders in the basement for control of the breaker-box, they made their own fun. Eli and Joe played house-golf, using the legs of the Lego table as clubs, and oversize ping pong balls as, well, the balls. Maddie made boiled eggs for me, and read up in her room all day, and Lilly drew at the table while Mitchell built weird men out of homemade play dough... he even made them clothes. In different colors. With shoes that matched. And I didn't hear a complaining word out of any of them. Not for the entire day. Benign neglect paid off. Now I'm off to eat my dinner, and finish that sweater. Latah, knittas. C


RedRhonda said...

Can't wait to see the little sweater!

Stephanie said...

How the heck did you manage all that without having a kid jumping on you or bouncing off the walls? I *have* to know.