Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lodging difficulties

There is a dark day looming on the horizon. 'Boris' has some time off in late March, so I suggested we take a trek around the family units in our usual, circuitous way. The problem arises on leg two of our journey, better known as "the fiasco and folly of visiting my parents". See, my 'rents have not one, but four cats. Bad, obnoxious cats that do things like pee on the bathmat, or in your shoes, or whatever got left on the laundry room floor. And then there's their 'puppy'... a bona fide sled dog, who doesn't like short people (ie: children) and who cannot even be let outdoors without her harness and tow rope on. The tow rope has to be tied to an actual human, usually my 250 (or so) pound dad. She takes him for a drag, and then, satisfied she's been a good sled dog (she was trained to run the Bear Grease race, I believe), comes indoors where she appropriates the only comfortable piece of furniture my parents own... the sofa.

I've been at this computer all night, trying to find accommodations that aren't a.) in/over/near a bar or bait shop, b.) have staffing that actually cleans the rooms/changes sheets/scrubs toilets, and c.) has suites of rooms that adjoin each other, as we are a family of seven, and certain requirements have to be met... four beds, minimum, a kitchenette, and/or room service, preferably in a hotel that doesn't close it's kitchen from 7p to 7a.m. I'm at an impasse, people. There isn't a single hotel/motel/ B&B/or cheesy little inn that can accommodate us. I'm going to look further up the coastline tomorrow. There seem to be a few B&Bs in the Bayfield/Washburn area that might not make me puke. I'm going to go take more beddy-bye meds and hopefully sleep will knock me over in short order.

You know this will be a fiber-exploration trip, as well. Once we get to the Minneapolis leg of our journey, I'll get to scope out the shop "Borealis Yarns", which happens to be around the corner from youngest sil's home. Naturally we're going to meet El Baby... but there's yarrrn, too. Yum-o. Milwaukee-area shops will be hit, and I'm going to do my best to scope out fabric/fiber in Iowa as well. Btw, this means Clementine will be absent from the shop March 18th through the 25th, so plan accordingly... unless of course I have helpers who want to seize the empire and control it for a week. Perhaps that young Ms. Templeman? We shall see... good night, all ye knitters. C


Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo! A vacation for you -- and springtime in MN too -- hopefully it will be sufficiently warmed up by the time you get there. Lots of fun quilt shops in the Minneapolis area -- but not as cool as Clementines! ;-)

Dragonfly said...

Let me know when you will hit the Milwaukee area!

Elliamae Burditt said...

Eh der, I heard bout ur problems wit da lodges up nord. I tink ya'll be yust fine, cuz any lodge is fine in da winter; da beerz r still sleepin. And bout dat dog...ya yust gatta find urself a set of skiis and den take 'er out fer a's a great way ta see all da pretty scenes in dem parts!! Elliamae Burditt