Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kindly avoid this post if you are terribly sensitive

Pink Squirrel arrived in today's mail. It is now firmly affixed to my head and I'm not taking it off for any reason. It's my little oasis of happiness in an otherwise terribly frustrating day. Since I've warned everyone to leave if foul language offends, I shall now launch into my pissy rant about PayPal. You see, I've been offered the opportunity to purchase handpainted yarns from a small company that collects their funds via this system. Not a problem. I didn't have an account, so I promptly began to set one up.
Imagine my startled surprise when the fucktard computer system informed me I have an existing account, with a "work phone" in a very distant area code, that indeed I do not live at my current address of seven-plus years, and that I should give up now, because there wasn't a bat-shit's chance I was getting into the system to pay my supplier.
Oh for fuck-sakes, Norma. (That is how I always use this word, in my brain, where Other People can't hear. I first encountered it on her blog. I love it's perfect simplicity, it's absence of pretense, it's utterly British feel.) Anyway, I'm waiting to hear from said supplier to see if they have a work-around for this problem. PayPal has been sent a scathing e-mail, to their fraud department. I am off to eat a giant cheeseburger, and then it's off to knit-night, where I will eat macaroons and drink hot beverages, and knit. Sorry if I 'offended' anyone, but you were warned... can't say I don't play fair, now, can you? Type at y'all knittas latah. C


Kyrin said...

No offense here. I swear like a sailor at times...and gotta love Norma. I try to avoid swearing on my blog since my dad reads it...and...well...I'd get the evil dad eye if I swore too much. I hope you can resolve the paypal issue. We have 2 accounts...my hubby and mine. It's so stupid because they won't verify my account since it is my debit card and his is the bank account. They won't let me put my name into the bank account because it's "already registered to another user". Duh. I know the user. It draws from the same account! Fucktards indeed.

Stephanie said...

WHOOPS!!! I'm NOT Kyrin. I didn't realize I was signed in on this computer as her......It's me.....formerly pink haired Stephanie. LOL. DOH! Fucking computer. I hates them. I do I do LOL.

Dragonfly said...

no offense taken. Only offended by the cat licking the butter... (just kidding!!)

I hope they figure out who has your "account". Did you try signing up with another email account? I can't remember what they check against but I thought it was email address.

Dragonfly said...

ok, wrong place to put this.. but can you send me baked potato soup recipe?

Thimbleanna said...

That was awesome! Now I can add not one, but TWO new phrases to my swearing vocabulary, 'cause the phrases I have are just getting old. Due to overuse, but there are so many times when genteel language just won't do! Hope you get it all sorted out!