Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Camera Has Left The Building

I did not mean to walk the camera into the side of a chair. I did not mean to then drop the camera from my grasp. I sure as hell did not mean to kill the blasted thing, just when I had some cool socks-in-progress photos to share. The dead-ish camera is reporting a lens error, which has it locked up, so I'll attempt to load the pictures tomorrow from the wee, bitty card directly into the laptop... Melly, expect a phone call, as I'm sure the 'stupid bug' I'm starting the year off with will still be overpowering what scant brain cells I have left. Hopefully I can manage to drive safely into town, what with our dusting of snow we got. I've never known it to snow all day and yet be almost no accumulation, but, hey, this is Indiana. At least I got a good nap in, if passing out between 5-ish and 9 p.m. counts as a nap and not just going to bed early. Our guests have gone, and I'm looking forward to getting some sewing done in the shop tomorrow. The 'Happy Chaos' quilt class begins this weekend and I'd like to have a sample top made. That's all for now. Wow. Two posts in the new year already. I'm on fire.


knitter in the desert said...

Oh No! Dead Camera! I plan on taking pics of my sock so far on my foot tomorrow....And D-fly will post pics of her sock...

And I concur with D-fly on our lovely stay-I so wish I could pop in on the weekends to the shop and sit around and knit and chat....downfall of living where I do-no such things

Stephanie said...

ACK! Camera down! Camera down! I have been anti-camera lately...but I don't know what i'd do if it actually died. I would freak! Although there are so many really really really really nice new ones out there that aren't that expensive. OMG. Have you seen the Canon sure shots? I WANT ONE. LUST AFTER ONE. Hmm....maybe if I bash my camera around John will buy me a new one. Hmm....scratch that. All that would leave me with is a broken camera with no hopes of getting a new one anytime soon. Oh well. I hope you have better luck :)

Annalea said...

Cami, if your camera has in fact left the building for good, this is my absolute favorite (small, and takes amazing photos with just about zero "noise" from the electronics):

Canon Digital Elph

There are a ton of Elphs out there, but that's the one we have, and I'm in looove. I only reach for the Olympus with the BIG lens when I really need a 10x optical zoom. Otherwise, this little baby spanks the Oly handily.

Best of luck!

melly~ said...

so much for "they can take it, I've dropped mine several times." huh?
sorry, friend. is there perhaps a warranty?

Dragonfly said...

Oh, now there is no evidence of our visit except that we own Clementine's bags!

Day here sucked all around. Greatly missing you and the herd after dealing with really annoying headaches all day.