Wednesday, January 2, 2008

In case you're out and about...

A woman from the local rag newspaper called me this afternoon, inquiring about doing a puff piece an article about the phenom that is Clementine's Dry Goods... tomorrow. Apparently, as her terribly interesting grown children sat around the dinner table over the holidays discussing what the tiny hamlet of Franklin needs to revitalize it, the subject of "destination shops" came about, and she recalled the charming little fabric and yarn emporium that she'd visited whilst investigating another puff piece article on a local character and her vanilla concern, currently being sold from the confines of the dry goods stronghold, but ever looking for a better, more permanent home... the vanilla, not the "dry goods". Anyhooo, back to... me. I have scheduled not one but three stunt knitters to be present for the interview. It is vital to my sanity that the place look like a happening joint, a too cool for school hangout for the criminally obsessed fiber-holic. I am bringing cookies, and as always there is as much tea/coffee/hot chocolate as you can stand to drink.
Come one and all, and if the knitting/quilting fates allow, the press will be kind. More kind, hopefully, than I was to a very dear knitting pal today, as I attempted to manipulate the "serene setting" of the shop and perhaps suggested that I could ply her child with movies and Benadryl in the waaaay back room of the shop. I am an ass, more so when there are cameras, with wee notebooks and pens in hand, waiting for an opportunity to misquote me. Mea culpa. I freaked at the last minute nature of the whole thing. As my own chirruns are all sick (doc. appt. at ten sharp tomorrow for the five hacking Becher kinder... Boris is going to have such fun with them!) I'm looking on the bright side... unless the photographer is as late as last time (the vanilla piece), I won't have my own children goofing up the public relations. I'm able to do that little chore all on my own. Melly is coming to shove a photo card into an orifice of the laptop (more ulterior motives... she might bring cookies, too!) so if you haven't already been to D-fly's blog snooping for photos(and they aren't there yet), we'll try and get that done tomorrow.

In other news, the copies of the new Amy Butler 'Midwest Modern' book were ordered today, and more great stuff is on it's way to the shop. Start thinking about joining the knit-along for the kidsilk crack haze quilt wrap. Kits will be available. There will be about twenty slots, and only five are spoken for so far. If demand exceeds, we will make adjustments to the order, and I will post a price very soon... stay tuned. Also, when the new Amy Butler fabrics arrive (printing begins this month-yay!) we have a local talent designing our very first block of the month program. You will love this quilt. A chance to make a modern heirloom (no pressure... just a rollicking good time). Again, stay tuned, as I hope to start it in March. But now, I'm hearing the siren call of the bed. You go too. This new year is kicking my bum so far. Hopefully tomorrow I won't have to eat my toes. A little foot-in-mouth goes a long way. Latah, crafty mommas.


LotusKnits said...

Good luck!

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, have fun with your interview! I sure wish I could be there and be stuntknitting. Clearly though, I'm going to have to come and visit you and get this picture problem straightened out -- I need picture inspiration -- I'll bet the shop has changed since I was there so soon after you opened. If the weather plays nice, I plan to make it down there before the end of the month!

Dragonfly said...

Just making sure that mojave sis and I are included in the kid silk haze KAL.

also, so incredibly sorry that the kids are sick! You have no idea the guilt fest we are having over here.

Anonymous said...

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