Friday, January 4, 2008

Even if the camera worked...

I wouldn't show you the mess I've got going on here in the shop. Suffice it to say, it's been a banner day for Amy Butler's fabrics... they are all over the place, and as I'd been contemplating swapping collections around on the shelves anyway, half my work is done. Of course, the second half of the move is all uphill. Looks like this little big girl will be forced to exercise today after all.

Tomorrow is the first "happy chaos" quilt class and I have much to prepare, but the big thing is to Not. Get. Sick. The class involves tons of talking (yeah, I'm sooo not cut out for that...har) and the strange tickle in my throat just needs to Go. Away. Whoever invented Ricola cough drops was a super-genius. Know who is else a super-genius? Emma. Sadly, she is blogless, since she works about a million hours a week, but she did something pretty groovy awhile back... she stashed a bottle of Kahlua in the shop... you know, for medicinal purposes. Yep. That's my backup plan for tomorrow's class, just in case the throat drops quit on me. I'm excited to see what strange and wonderful combinations my "students" arrive at. The premise of the workshop is to get people over their fear combining fabrics, so when they get here, they have to choose two fabrics. Of these they keep half their yardage of each, and the other portion gets split out amongst the other participants, along with a healthy helping of miscellaneous scraps from the shop's cutting table. From there we string piece wild quilt blocks, and can also embellish with raw-edge applique. It's gonna be a blast, people. Pure, unadulterated, patchworky happiness. I love this place. And to Steph... how soon can you get here? Type at y'all crafty mommas latah. Cami


Annalea said...

That does sound like a total blast. And since you've convinced us all of the amazing fun and glorious results of said chaotic quilting, you are going to post plenty of photos of the event, aren't you?

I can see it now . . . participants pacing the floor and standing in front of Clementine's shelves, choosing their fabrics. Then the swapping begins, and quilters' brains begin smoking. Shortly thereafter, the smoke slowly clears as everyone loosens up and enjoyment steals over their countenances.

And then, smiling quilters' faces reigning over their finished projects. Macro shots of amazingly pieced and brilliantly combined hodge-podge fabric.

C'mon, Cami . . . no excuses this time, girl. We wanna SEE! (And I KNOW that you have friends nearby {cough-Melly-cough} who own cameras . . . and know how to use 'em! ;o)

Stephanie said...

Oh...I wish! I totally wish. I have a friend that lives in Indy as it could be a "Steph tour" but's not in the stars right now. But I'll drink the booze for you anyway :) I'm nice like that :) And hey...if you re-email me your addy...I could probably send ya a bar or 2 of soap. Will that make up for it? Ta!

Dragonfly said...

I don't do the quilting thing but the fabric swap sounds like a ton of fun! Here's hoping the throar stays at only a tickle!