Sunday, January 13, 2008

Letter From Home

The kids are watching a wildlife show on television. I walk in to get Eli dressed and ready for his day with me in the shop only to find him eating a cookie. A chocolate chip cookie. The very sort of cookie we haven't had in this house for at least two weeks. Yeah, that kind of cookie. Little dude is feeding himself furniture food. I thought we'd only laid in provisions of the M&M, Fruit Loop, and honey-roasted peanut variety in the sofa cushions, but here is the youngest among us happily chowing down on a dehydrated cookie, of substantial proportions. And to think I was worried about getting snowed in. All we have to do is follow the baby around, as he visits his caches of food.

Well, it's getting to be that time of the morning, when I have to begin trying to blast Oldest Daughter out of bed. The most effective method is to send the Middle Son in after her, as they are arch enemies and she defends her territory fiercely against the six-year-old marauder. That's my cue to holler "since you're up, how 'bout getting dressed so we can leave?" and then I get to giggle at the bottom of the stairs as she stomps into the bathroom. She doesn't have the proper DNA to pull off a realistic temper-tantrum, but her drama queen routine is fabulous.

Yesterday one of my quilting students had her husband bring me some shelves. They are fantastic, free-standing, and fully adjustable. They are also white coated wire, and will look quite lovely with yarn stuffed in them. They stand about four feet high, and are about 18"x30" (roughly... I haven't actually measured them yet. I was too busy cooing to them.) Today I'm giving them a little bath, and moving them about the shop to see what their best angles are. All four of them. If I told you they were practically free, you'd faint... but they were. Just a little New Year's miracle. Kind of like how I'm still keeping up with this blogging daily thing. If only this counted as exercise. *sigh* Okay, I've got to get everyone ready to leave. The snow has stopped, but now it's foggy out. Ugh. Perfect driving weather conditions. Latah, crafty mamas. C
(eta: the wire shelving units measure 19"x24.5". They are perfect.)

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Dragonfly said...

the first two paragraphs totally made me laugh. Especially after having met them, so I can totally picture it! Esp you giggling at the bottom of the stairs *grin*

That's great about the shevles!