Thursday, January 24, 2008

A sleeve is done

Remember the "rocketry" sweater that I blew through? Got the body done in a day? Yup. It was a flash in the pan, because my knitting dried up for the next week (or two?). Except today I had the foresight to haul the wee sweater with me to the doc's office and now have one sleeve finished. One to go, but there are two episodes... two new episodes... of "Chuck" on tonight, so this may complicate my knitting, as I'll be all "eyes front" and my stitches may suffer.

I have to go stock up on Xanax now, and I was running too far behind to drop it off this morning. Sitting in the doc's office, knitting, don'tcha know. Things are getting busy here in the shop, and all day I've heard how I need to stock fabrics like the Amish do, because their prices are sooo much better, and how come I don't stock American-made fabric, instead of all this stuff from Japan and Korea? (To which I hearby reply, if you want cheap, it has to come from China or Mexico, because the American mills dried up eons ago.) I didn't start this shop to cater to 'cheap'. That's "JoAnn's" job. This is strictly pleasure, baby. Now, what can I get for you?


Robin said...

Let me guess, some of "Franklin's finest" - now that Walmart doesn't have fabric they thought maybe you took over where they left off - NO WAY, BABY... like you said... drive farther north to JoAnns and don't let the door hit you in the arse. That's not what this lady is here for people - something refreshing and DIFFERENT. What's the Amish deal anyway - do they think Franklin is the new Shipshewana. Glad I wasn't there to hear these little gems. Did you bite your tongue Clemintine?

Annalea said...

It can be seriously tricky, educating a town on the finer points of a craft . . . especially when you're lumped in with Wal-Mart and JoAnn's. Keep smiling, and do what my friend the LYS owner did when I first showed up there and talked about how expensive the yarn was at another shop in town (Doh). She shrugged a little and said:

"Oh, I don't know . . . this one's $6.50," and handed me a 50g skein of something or other. I had been mentioning that a skein of Paton's Grace was more than $5 at the other place, and clearly showing how very gauche I was. (Fresh from the land of RedHeart and Bernat, I was.) While I'm not one of her biggest spenders now (Vern's software has to sell big, first, for that to happen ;o), I'm one of her biggest supporters when I get a chance to talk her shop up to someone new.

You never know who some of your best customers are going to be!

gaylen said...

We had to edumcate JB one day at the LYS - he had driven me up to knitting group after my surgery so I could see everyone and pick up yarn for holiday gifts - I got 2 balls of solid merino ($10 each), 2 balls of a verigated merino ($11 each) a hank of sock yarn ($18) and a couple of new needles including an addi lace in the size I needed for his sweater - with the discount it was still over $65 - he said quite loudly "Wouldn't it be cheaper at WallMart?" Seriously - he got beat up. The only thing that saved him - he paid the bill and was wearing handknit socks :)

He gives me money for yarn now :) g

Dragonfly said...

To be honest, a year ago I was just as bad. I couldn't imagine paying $20 for a skein of yarn. And now I do it gladly. Probably too gladly... I need to post the recent stash additions...