Sunday, May 18, 2008

All Better

The trauma of the previous day has been sorted out, and all will be fine. (Breathe in pink, breathe out blue...)

Tomorrow is run around day, which is going to be more fun than usual, with getting to mail stuff to a foreign country. And having errands in two completely different directions will be super-fun. Know what else is super-fun? Susan bringing me a 22oz mimosa. At work. (And food, and fruit, and cake.) It was a baby-shower "leftover". This has been a baby week. On Friday I got to hold little G, Marie's sweet new baby girl. She was quiet the whole time I held her. Funny how it's more fun to sway and pat babies that aren't your own (ie: thems that do not interfere with your sleep cycles), and how you just automatically don't really want to hand them back, because they are so busy being good babies, but then it's feeding time and, hey, not your problem anymore. You are free to move about the cabin and resume your knitting.

Today's baby was a little bit different. The whole reason for the boozy shower? Little Dude arrived in April, so his Momma wasn't pregnant for the shower. I got to hold him. Precious, tiny, and perfect. He wasn't quite 4 lbs at birth, and he's still in the 4 lb category, but he sucks, swallows, and breathes on his own... and he did from the very beginning. I was told he wasn't even formally admitted to the NICU. Little Dude is made of tough stuff, for a guy whose feet are smaller than my thumb...way smaller. His "due date" is at the end of this month. I wonder if he's got special plans... perhaps an all-night booby-bender. If you've nursed a baby, you know all about those groovy growth spurts, that signal the 'stay latched on for twenty hours' kind of nipple horror. Oy, vey.

Now, since my 22 ozs of mimosa have kicked in fully, I'm off to knit a sock. Or just pass out from the emotional rollercoaster ride. I'm exhausted... perhaps some 'Gilmore Girls' to take the edge off...


prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

Cami, concerning fish and fabric: what about a fabric/yarn workshop-weekend on the Becher Farm? It could become legendary (think Bill Monroe and Bean Blossom). Not joking.

gaylen said...

Glad to see you are sounding better. That's always a good thing. I'm avoiding finishing the current skirt because the very expensive HV sewing maching sucks!! I'm not a happy camper right now - so I guess I'll go throw something together to feed the man! g

Rob said...

Although we've discussed the retreat thing...Ann probably just sent Cami either into a laughing fit or she's heading for the Xanax bottle at the thought. She's always worried about the zillion loads of laundry hanging about and the crumbs and such. It would be a fun time I'm, women, song, and Knitting or Stitching. But where would poor Bill and the children go ? - I'm sure that would be way too much for Herr Becher. Any other places to suggest?

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

p.s. started reading Yarn Harlot. - have tears in eyes from laughing; can't knit but can identify with obsessive crafting

Rachelle said...

I'm moderately baby-phobic, so I work very hard to tickle their chins while SOMEONE ELSE holds them.

Gilmore Girls works for me, too!

Glad to hear you're feeling a little less under the gun!