Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day, 2008

Even though my eldest son tried to rain on my knitting parade last night by barfing all over the downstairs (read my) bathroom, and trashing the cutesy rag-rug I had in front of the toilet, I still managed to finish these... the 'Jitterbug' socks are done, and on my feet. Smashing with Mary-Jane's. More smashing because (and this is important) I get to keep them.

Since I had to unload the entire contents of the camera into Picasa, here is a photo of the banana cream pie Melly made me (eat it all up, 'cuz it was so awesome). Oops. Did I just type that out loud? The next one is planned, for a certain blogger who prefers anonymity, but will get her pie (and choc. croissants) if she will just let me know when she's headed down this way. You know who you are, crafty-momma.

And here is a yard shot, taken by 'Boris' on May 7th. Everything has gotten bigger with the rains we've been getting, and usually the front screen door isn't standing wide open, but you get the gist. Now, I'm taking my sicky chirruns back home, and casting on some new socks. You go have a marvy, relaxing day, with no barf in it. C

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Soapbox Robin said...

Sorry Mitchell that you're feeling puny and sorry Cami that you are again cleaning up after a horking child. Is this what Mother's Day is about? What a cruel joke.
We might have to have an "intervention" with Boris on this wild grassy thing ... being "green". Please forget about loosing the dog...what about Eli and the rest of the children - how are they to play in the yard without falling all the time? No laying in the grass... what about chiggers the size of Rhode Island. The pavers lose a little something at the front of your house also. I'm sorry - maybe the outside perimeter of your yard, but the area surrounding your house should at least look approachable. Sorry Boris, you and I disagree on this one. (I realize I haven't seen the whole yard, so if I'm not seeing the whole picture, sorry). Hope the rest of the kids don't get this, hell I hope I don't get this bug!

melly~ said...

were you laying on the kitchen floor in the jitterbug shot?! :D

here's hoping all your stomach contents stay where they belong. (i felt a little nauseous just typing that)

see you tomorrow provided no other chirruns loose their biscuits.

mandi said...

only three more puky kids to go. lucky you!

Thimbleanna said...

Well, at the risk of getting whatever the kids have, I licked my screen for a taste of that fabulous pie! You're SOOOO getting a warning this time before I make it down there LOL! And by then the wedding will be over so I can eat it ALL. (Not that pre-wedding has made any difference -- I've been testing cupcake recipes for the last two weeks and managed to gain back anything I lost -- which just goes to prove that diets are pointless!)