Sunday, May 25, 2008

taking a break

So, this staying home on Sundays thing... doesn't totally suck, unless you consider the hacking cough, the arguing children, and that Herr Becher made dinner. He didn't have to (and we're all hoping he doesn't try it again), but chicken-fried anything when you're unwell is *gack*, and, quite possibly, chicken-fried minute steaks could be the worst. During dinner the littlest Becher threw a temper fit... and promptly fell asleep. The kids had played out in the tall grass all day, so I guess he was exhausted from trying to keep up.

I was informed I "rattled" all night, so my goal this evening is to let the boss man sleep. This may mean I have to camp in the living room, knitting dishrags with little hemp leaves on them to entertain myself (or a bat... I printed him out, too), but there's always popping in a flick and eating sugar 'till I can feel my hair growing at three in the morning. Tomorrow is an impromptu "knitting day" at the shop. Monday, eleven to ?, show up if you want, well-behaved children and pets welcome. I had an unsuccessful start to my 'Clapotis' (in Mediterranean blue Malabrigo), so Rhonda is going to sort me out on the 'pfb' thing. This will, I hope, put an end to the accidental yarn over that keeps happening. Being a visual learner stinks. Having Red as a knitty-pal doesn't. Tomorrow will be 'blog-free' for me (yes, I'm really shutting up for a day!). Have a restful Memorial Day.

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