Friday, May 30, 2008

Recycling photos

I was all ready to show you a gross spider shot I got the other day, but it's late, an anxiety attack prompted 2.5 mg of mommy's little helper to be consumed, my fingers aren't even connected to my brain, and I'm just hoping spell check can understand most of this garble. Gross spider is still in the camera, so instead, I thought you might like to look at yarn. Here are 'Courtly' and
'Valentine' from the bewitching, wildly talented ladies who are Yarn Love. You totally want to pinch these skeins, don't you?

Down here, you'll see the 'butter peeps' and 'flamingo pie' colorways in 'Classy' Dream in Color. I wish the lead time wasn't so long and I'm going to need more yarn, as now that there is a new sample hanging in the shop. (courtesy of RedRhonda...check her out on Ravelry... you can see the sweater there, too) I'm going to need More Yarn. Pretty though, huh? And, it smells great.

This photo down here pretty much sums up out entire Easter vay-cay for me. This is youngest child and middle child, patiently waiting to just get the hell outta Town and on the road home. The velvet sofa was in the dining room at the 'Cat and Fiddle' b&b in Iowa. They sat on it irreverently. Can't you see it recovered in a fun Anna Maria Horner print? I may have to start haunting antique shops and auctions for just such a monstrosity to redress in fun fabrics. But I'm not letting the booger-rats goob it up for me. Oh, and since I didn't have blog fodder, here's another trivial and embarrassing factoid about moi. I got glasses in elementary school, back when drop-frames were still in style. They were 'Battlestar Galactica' frames, and the eye doc called me "moon faced". It's the reason I have such a hard time wearing specs in public... that stupid "moon faced" comment keeps coming back to get me, and I don't even know why it bothers me so much. I don't even know what he meant. I was maybe nine years old. Drop frames. More proof my mom just wasn't paying attention. Who lets a kid pick out drop frames? Ick.

Gotta go. The big storm is finally here. Nitey-night. C
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Veedogknitter said...

well, at least they were Battlestar Galactica. ;o)

Thimbleanna said...

Hey woman ... at least you're not old enough that your first glasses were cat-eye frames!