Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oops, I did it again

Sorry for the Brittany intro. I just realized it's one in the morning, and until my meds make me sleepy enough to have a lay down, I'm trapped here, playing at thinking. Yesterday got away from me. I got engrossed in a book, after having an asthma attack due to a worm-farm display at the library. Makes perfect sense, right? Someone made a kid-sized, walk-through tunnel of "good dirt", full of gross things under black lights, with diagrams about what worms need to eat and how fast they can turn it into poop, blah, blah, blah, and the other side was the "bad dirt", containing only grass and stones. Because having 'grass' and stoners would be detrimental to the chirruns. Better to throw some moldy burlap and formaldehyde-soaked wood into a confined, airless government building so children and their parents (one of whom at this point is sucking the end of the rescue inhaler and just wants to go home, for f*cksakes, and would you hurry up and choose your books already, we've been at this for forty minutes) can come down with scratchy throats, headaches, and, as the final kick in the head, hives. I stupidly touched the burlap curtain on the good dirt. Hey, they had a black light in there. I was a smallish child in the 70's... black lights are like crack to me. Point me to the velvet Elvis and I'm happy. The toy eyeball in the "good dirt" area was a bit disconcerting, but helpful, I suppose. All those publicly educated children will at least know how many worms it takes to eat and poop a dead body... and they say education is dead. *snort*
Later today this resumes being a knitting/complaining about knitting/sewing/eating blog. Do come back. I'll try to be sober. 'Nite, knittas and crafty ho's everywhere.


melly~ said...

HA! The next best thing to talking to you first thing in the morning is reading a good blog post. Please tell me you'll put pen to paper some day and publish this drivel!

Do hope you're feeling better by now.

This crafty ho is off to be the designated driver (HA!) for Ken after some throat scope thing. Good news is, I'll have hours of uninterrupted knitting/iPod time.

Things are looking good for tomorrow, Cami. Wash your pits. There WILL be hugging.

Anonymous said...

oh my....now i am having a horrible flashback to 7th grade science class where i had to sit next to sarah smitherman's science fair experiment...jars and jars of chicken embryos. gaaaaaaaaaaaah. snort


Thimbleanna said...

Yo Cami!!! Great fun catching up with you -- you're nuts, but then you already knew that! Who knew about the kiogu? I've never bought any 'cause I want washable socks and if memory serves, it doesn't meet that requirement. Love the shots of your polkie toes and your beautiful house. It all looks so peaceful there. Definitely coming down there soon -- just working it out -- found out today I'm back out here (NJ) again next week. Thanks for your wedding love -- I'll be riding the wedding high for weeks to come -- marry off one of your kids -- you won't need the drugs anymore LOL. Oh, and your sidebar is hysterical. RE: my nuts comment above!!!