Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Of Tyrants and Socks

These are "old photos", because I got too caught up in today to take "new photos". This is from a week ago, when I came home and asked "where's Madeleine?" and got the reply "stuck under Eli". It seems the only thing that would make him whole was to incapacitate his eldest sister in front of (as you can see by the t-shirt) "Cars", aka (to him) "the best movie. Ever." So, I was just showing you what sort of nonsense goes on when my back is turned and the tiny tyrant is allowed to run roughshod over his siblings.

Down here is the pic of the sequel-sock the day after I finished the first one. It's a lousy photo, in equally bad light, but I just measured the cuff and I have about five inches now. That puts me surprisingly close to the end of the 1x1 ribbing... heh, heh. I predict another finished sock by Saturday. A pair in twelve days. This sends a tingle down my spine, because I have the next pair already in mind. The yarn is sitting here next to me, in fact. It's more of my 'souvenir' yarn from the Easter trip... I have been biding my time with it, fondling and caressing it, cooing to it, letting it look out the windows at the blue birds readying their house. Now, I think we are ready to begin, just as soon as the 'jitterbugs' come off needles.

Okay, Melly has just called to inform me that she'll be plying me with nummies tomorrow... fried rice and a banana cream pie. Oh, my.
Later, muh knittas.
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Dragonfly said...

I wish I lived closer to Melly's nummies.

(that doesn't sound quite right...)

Sorry about the rain!

Stephanie said...

We totally have a two year old Tyrant in our house. His newest ploy is to stop in his track and start sadly saying "I NEED you mommy" so that I will come and pick him up. I fell for it a few times...but now that I don't and make him walk...he has turned on his sister "I NEED you Kyrin!" And she let's him get away with it's her fault LOL.

Thimbleanna said...

You SO need to have an album of just pictures of the places where Eli falls asleep -- that kid is hysterical! So are you -- I can't believe how fast you whip out a pair of socks -- you're amazing. I'll be lucky if I have my two socks done by September!