Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I despise numbers. It doesn't help that I seem to stink at them, or that I flunked out of Algebra five times (but passed geometry... go fig), or that knitting, my sport of choice, involves math all the time... I'm just not a by-the-numbers kind of girl. Which is why Herr Becher is sitting on the other side of the room, shuffling papers and trying to unmuddle the business checking. I hope there's at least rent money for the shop (oh, please, please), and that nothing huge is due. Oops. I just remembered the bill, for the dotty fabric... excuse me. I have to go slam my head in a door.

I am having big fun that is funny, but I don't think the man is, so I'm going to go now. Also, though I didn't mention it in the post with no words, those mini blocks are to frame the big black and white (so trendy) log cabin quilt Deb is making. I just didn't want you to think I was getting to sew. That would be crazy talk. I'm knitting a clapotis. In a week. (That's the goal, anyhow.) It's in Malabrigo, and every time I pick it up my hands turn 'Smurf blue' and it itches a little... the dye run-off, not the yarn. But that's a post for another day. Good night, knittas.


Rachelle said...

I find balancing a chequebook MUCH easier than following a pattern while knitting. Then again, I'm a giant geek, but still...

They say practice makes perfect, but I'd settle for practice making it so that I don't constantly jab myself with the needles. For me, knitting socks is a bit of a bloodsport.

Annalea said...

Urgh. Blogger ate my comment! (Wow . . . where was Blogger when I had homework due?)

I use my Amazon.com visa for everything. That way not only do I get $25 gift certificates nearly every month, but I can check my card balance online, and that gives me one number to compare against my checking account balance. Couldn't be simpler. ;o) (Oh, and money goes into the savings account BEFORE I start spending for the month, and I don't spend more than I have.)

And now, the newest member of of this clan wants fed. Chau!