Friday, May 16, 2008

Rainy Yesterday

I know, here I am, ready for bed on two mg of Xanax, and attempting to compose a post. At this point my typing could not be more wretched, and I could not pass a sobriety test... not even sure I can feel my nose, let alone touch it from arms outstretched. Anyway, on the way home earlier (now, actually yesterday...the getting to bed before midnight is a big problem), I decided some scary yard pics were in order. To put things into perspective, the scrubby grass up near the house is nearly two feet tall. It completely obliterates the brickwork foundation 'Boris' was so insistent on. Only Jemima, our chocolate English lab, has a trot packed down where she circles the house hunting moles, field mice, and the occasional squirrel.

This is a portion of the front four acres. I took just the tire swing, since the tree fort still looks like the Clampitt family's abode before Jed took aim at that jack rabbit and come up a bubbling crude... oil, that is. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I should not blog while waiting on the meds to kick in...oops. I think it's too late.

Tonight I redid the short-row sock heel. Cosmicpluto rocks the tutorial, but can someone enlighten me as to why the double wrap is of utmost importance? 'Cuz it was pretty much just torture, and the only room in the whole friggen' house with adequate lighting was the bathroom. So there I stood, bum on the sink, knitting away furiously to get the double wraps picked up 'invisibly', and it stinks. The heel, not the bathroom. The photo is kinder to my work. It looks like total crap from where I sit. Anyway, I feel quite relaxed and loopy, so hopefully this will be a night of brain-rest. Too much exciting stuff happening in my gray matter... will share some later today... after sleep happens. *smooches, poodles* Cami
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gaylen said...

OMG I love your house and your acreage. I am coming to live with you - can I bring my dogs?

I use the CosmicPluto tutorial on short row heels, because although you dared me to do two at time, and send me a link to cast on for the magic toe up, YOU left me flapping in the wind when it came time to turn my first heel!

Love Ya!! g

Bob's youngest daughter, Rob said...

Me likey your little (big) doll house. I love the tire swing also and would love to come play in the Clappitt tree house with the children. Is it too hard too climb in to? I don't do ladders much anymore. They aren't scary pictures... they look like a rainy day in the woods.

Dragonfly said...

I was having trouble recognizing that as your house until I realized that I saw it in winter when there was no green.

it's possible with your tight knitting that you're wrapping a bit too tight making it frustrating to pick them back up. I know I had to watch this. I've done single wraps and end up with holes so I like the double wraps.

Marigold said...

I had a light bulb moment about the short wraps. Double wraps are important, not because a stitch is wrapped twice, but because the end of every short row needs a wrap to help it blend in to the rest of the knitting. So, if there are two short rows the same length, there will be two wraps in the same place.

I know, that dosen't make it any more fun to actually DO it, but, it made me happy to figure out WHY it was that way. :)