Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A day of firsts

Noemi's (No-amy's) first turned heel (on Panda Cotton, for her momma)... the next pair is already lurking, in it's pupa-stage, under the counter. She's snarfed the last two balls of Panda Wool in "violets". Then it's on to the kidsilk crack wrap for her.

Mandi's first attempt at plying her spun yarn. She used a drop spindle for the entire process. The woman knows no bounds for the amount of punishment she's willing to heap upon herself. But this is headed home to have a hot bath to set it's twist, then it gets to become something...

First Love. More Yarn Love has arrived. I am beside myself at how gorgeous the colorways are. The yarns shown here are "Courtly" on the left and "Valentine" on the right. *swoon*
I don't know how much faster I can get myself to knit, so I must go home now and get started on some new, fabulous socks. Call me here if you need some. But hurry. This stuff is crack... for your feet. Latah, knittas.
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gaylen said...

that is some yummy, yummy yarn. Oh, and the spots under the heel turning hands? Are those your chairs?? Love, love, love! it. g

blogfree jessica said...

i love the fabric on the chair Noemi is sitting on. lovely yarn!