Saturday, May 3, 2008

when knitting hurts

I decided I'd try getting to town a bit early this morning. I said goodbye to the spouse and the monsters, packed up the knitting bag(s) and trotted out to the Jeep. ("Big Grrrl" has to stay home with daddy 'cuz she has all the kiddie car seats installed in her.) It's a bit of a maneuver to get in, what with all the stuff I haul with me on a routine basis. The swollen eye (a hive on my eyelid, actually... big fun today) necessitated glasses, which I promptly knocked off my own face pulling my big knitting bag over me and the steering wheel. I had a flashback to fourth-grade dodge ball, when I'd just gotten my specs and took a ball to the face. Very similar kind of pain.
The next trial was getting the vacuum cleaner into the shop. After accepting there was no easy way to haul everything in at once, I tore myself away from my giant decaf (quit sneering, it's for health reasons) and toted the vac into the store. I'm not even going to attempt counting the bruises. And I broke my cutie new key chain Mandi bought me trying to unlock the door... totally fixable, but ugh. Just ugh. So, all this was necessary so I could sit and do this:

a bit of knitting on the Jitterbug socks. They are a seriously good time. I hope to finish the gusset decreases today and the rest of the foot by Tuesday night's knit-night... so I can get sock: the second, cast on.
And down here is the second little girl (well, size 10) dress in the "Freshcut" fabrics. This is a great, easy project (at least Shannon says so) and it turned out playful and pretty. Everything you want in a dress, right?

For those of you asking about the "It's okay, I'm with the sock" tees, I'm looking for a screen printer to do sturdier versions. The transfers don't seem like they'll hold up. Stay tuned for more info. Me and my swollen eyelid are going to go collapse in a chair and knit on the sock. Later. C
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Dragonfly said...

ugh, I hope the eye is getting better! dress is cute and that jitterbug is coming out great!

gaylen said...

I hope the knitting quit hurting once you were through beating yourself up. You know the nice thing about most 'grown up' cars? They have doors on both sides! I know! I means you can put your stuff in without banging your head around! g

blogfree Jessica said...

What is it about getting your glasses knocked off your face that makes you feel like you're 5 again? One time, not at band camp, but putting a bag in the car, i somehow crammed a pen so far up my nose i stabbed my brain.

Thimbleanna said...

Hey -- did you notice that the colors in the sock match the dress? Too cute! And thanks for the shirt research!