Sunday, May 4, 2008

do it again

The first "Jitterbug" sock is finished, as of last night. I did run out of yarn and had to finish the toe in brown "Koigu", but it toe-tally worked out, and the second sock is on needles and has about two and 1/2 inches of ribbing to show for my efforts. I split the skein as evenly as my gram scale would allow, but I have no idea if I started with the slightly smaller ball or not. (The scale does not live at my house, which is why I'm so in the dark about the whole afffair.) The dark brown "Koigu" doesn't detract from the other yarn, so I'm not too heart-broken about it. I am a bit peeved that it seems sock skeins keep getting smaller... what 's a girl with fat hooves to do? There is probably no way a woman with a foot larger than eight, or nine (if her foot is slim) could get a decent pair out of a single skein. But then again, I knit tight, and generally use more stitches per round. The 1x1 ribbing may have sucked up more yardage, as well, but damn, it sure is pretty. I'll post the "knitting content" pic tomorrow. I want to go read your blogs and pass out in a chemically-induced stupor.

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gaylen said...

Okay - I want pictures. If you knew you were going to be short yarn would you have done the heels the same color as the toes? And where do you change to another color, just when you ran out? g